Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I have never been so bored.....

I swear, there are days where I could not possibly be more bored. I think of all of the stuff I could be getting done if I didn't have to work. Now, it's not that I don't like my job--I do. And I'm not just saying that for fear that someone could read this and fire me, or not hire me. I love my job. I love my bosses. I could not ask for greater guys to work for. That said, I just feel restless sometimes. Like I just want to get out in the world and make a scene! And I want to crochet---since I have a swapping partner, I really want to get to work on beautiful things for her. And it has to wait. Partially because I have to work, but also because I have to wait until payday. I love getting paid. Too bad it can't happen once a week. I just feel all over the board today. I think that I need a list of goals to accomplish before my birthday in March. Okay...Maybe I should start one here. I can add on when I think of more things:

Goals before 03/19/2008

Quit Smoking

Run a 5K (RUN the whole thing--I've already walked one!)

Register for Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2009

That's it for now. I'm sure I can come up with other things!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Keep Running....

I started this oh, so long ago, wrote three posts, and it went to sleep. Now that I'm into my running, I think I ought to try to write once a day. Sort of like a public diary, but once I've achieved my next goal, I can look back and laugh, or cry, or throw up. So, here's what's going on:

I am planning to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2009. I have never been an athletic person. I have never believed that I had the ability to become an athletic person, and yet, here I am on the road to becoming an athlete. I've always wanted to run because, my whole life, I couldn't run--or I didn't want to run badly enough to try. So, I made it through the running program on Potato to 5K in 8 weeks. Well, I'm not sure that I could run a 5K right now, and in fact, the 5K that my son and I did on Thanksgiving was walked once I realized that most of the course was uphill. I know that now, I can run a mile without stopping. I really need to get an idea of what my pace is now because I CAN run for 30 minutes without stopping. A major achievement in "thunder buns" world.

So, first goal is to really train for a 5k on March 15th. Then, there is the Bolder Boulder--a 10 K at the end of May. Then, and most importantly, training for the Half Marathon. I wish I was in Disney World right now!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things are a little better

Okay--so the car isn't being quite so fussy today, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it still makes me nervous. I just keep my fingers crossed and keep knocking on wood. Today was incredibly boring--training at work. Blah. I finally figured that the program ran so slowly that I could easily crochet while doing the training. I don't have much to crochet lately, so I'm still working on squares for myself. Hopefully tomorrow I can buy a skein of yarn for connecting all of my squares in my swap and start in on that. If I don't start now, the squares will never come together and I'll never have a blanket!

I FINALLY made a good pot of spaghetti sauce tonight--1 lb ground beef, 5 6oz cans of tomato sauce, two larger cans of diced tomatoes--one with sweet onions, one original, and a bit of basil and oregano. Turned out just like mom makes!!! Now, if I could only figure out how to make her meatballs....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why does everything happen at once???

I swear, my head is going to explode!!! If it's not one thing, it's something else. The car is still acting funny, but not as funny as yesterday. A sign of better things to come? I hope so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the gas additive is working and that I won't have to have work done on it. Then, there's the issue of my son's outdoor-ed stuff that's happening this summer. We were told by the teacher that the $200 wasn't needed for two weeks. Well, now they want it tomorrow. Well, I don't have $200 until Friday when I get paid. And, I have to figure out how to budget something that I wasn't planning for into our vacation budget. I really wish my husband would find a part-time job pronto!!! If he could at least get in a couple paychecks before this trip, I'd feel so much better. I guess I have to talk to him about it tonight. I hate talking money and I hate getting him worried about money, but I'm sure he'll tell me that we just won't eat out for the next 2 months (other than his birthday) and that everything will be okay. I need to turn on a movie that will relax me and get my mind off of everything!!!

I'm busy blocking all of my squares that I am making for the afghan swap--along with making myself some extra squares so that I can make my afghan bigger. I actually have all of my squares for other people finished and I just have to wait on the "okay" to send them. I need to figure out how to post pictures of things that I've made on this blog. Oh, and I need to figure out how to do a wist because I learned the hard way how difficult it is to craft for someone who doesn't have one. to package another square and turn something on. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My first post

I've thought about starting a blog for a long time now. Not that I have any delusions that other people find my life to be terribly interesting, but because I figure that it's like keeping a diary--albiet a public one--and that one day, I can look back at all that I have accomplished!

Now, on to life. We're planning a trip to Disneyland in September. Hotel reservations have been made, but money has been so tight, I haven't been able to pay for anything else--and we're only TWO months away. Thankfully, a hefty paycheck should be coming this Friday. I ought to be able to take care of the rental car and our passes for the park. It's difficult being the only one employed sometimes. It makes me crazy to have to worry about money. Plus, the car has been acting up. Everyone I talk to thinks that I got a bad batch of gas--so I bought some of that fuel additive with the hopes that it will work itself out of the system before I have to go have an emmissions test next month so that I can get my new tags. Everyone tells me that it takes a couple of good tanks of gas and the additive before the bad stuff works itself out. UGH!!! Why does everything happen at the same time?

Now, on the plus side, my husband has told me that he wants to get a part-time job, so he's actually been looking for one. Very exciting. He hasn't worked in nearly 3 years. Why, you ask? He is an aspiring musician and artist and after getting fired from the job that we met at, I told him that it was okay if he stayed home and worked on those things instead. Really, we're fine in the money area without him working, but we'll never be better than fine without two incomes. I guess we'll see what happens. It would sure take a lot of pressure off of me.

I suppose that's enough for now. From now on, any time I'm thinking anything, I'll just post! :)