Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Keep Running....

I started this oh, so long ago, wrote three posts, and it went to sleep. Now that I'm into my running, I think I ought to try to write once a day. Sort of like a public diary, but once I've achieved my next goal, I can look back and laugh, or cry, or throw up. So, here's what's going on:

I am planning to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2009. I have never been an athletic person. I have never believed that I had the ability to become an athletic person, and yet, here I am on the road to becoming an athlete. I've always wanted to run because, my whole life, I couldn't run--or I didn't want to run badly enough to try. So, I made it through the running program on Potato to 5K in 8 weeks. Well, I'm not sure that I could run a 5K right now, and in fact, the 5K that my son and I did on Thanksgiving was walked once I realized that most of the course was uphill. I know that now, I can run a mile without stopping. I really need to get an idea of what my pace is now because I CAN run for 30 minutes without stopping. A major achievement in "thunder buns" world.

So, first goal is to really train for a 5k on March 15th. Then, there is the Bolder Boulder--a 10 K at the end of May. Then, and most importantly, training for the Half Marathon. I wish I was in Disney World right now!!!!!

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